We fit prescription lenses to your mask
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pupil centres
How it's done!
First you need to select a mask that fits and seals comfortably, this can be either your existing mask or a new mask.

Then you need to mark your pupil centres on the mask using a Koki marker.  The best option is for me to do this for you, however if you cannot come in and see me, you can visit an optometrist in your area, who can assist with this.

If you do not have a current prescription, I can conduct an eye test for you.  Alternatively you can visit your optometrist.

Using the measurements of your PD (Inter Pupillary Distance) the prescription lenses are precision bonded to your mask to get the most out of your vision.

The prescription lenses are kept as large as possible in order to maximize your field of view. 

Once you have everything, you can courier your mask to me and I will precision bond your prescription to your mask and courier it back to you.

Don't forget to give your mask the toothpaste treatment when it gets back to you.
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